Job Spring Fashion 2013

ModeCurrent gerls successfully create their money, make a career and get heads - and thus manage to ever stay feminine, fine and beautiful. Much of the credit for this belongs to a stylists and designers who make stringent and at the like time seductive office attire.Office clothing code does not always provide an opportunity to show their imagination "on all cylinders", but recent collections allow you to be beautiful.  Similar posts:Style Have ready for summer: style jewelry. Summer figgery: bags, scarves, sunglasses, jewelryFashion Summer fashion. Color image of summer: 4 ready imageMode Maxi. . . Читать полностью -->

Strips and other prints

FashionAmong the mode trends regarding spring stockings should be noted stripes. Latest striped prints a variety of styles, including - quite a bold diamond-shaped strip of "Harlequin". Choosing a diversity of bands, consider a shape of a feet! For example, vertically oriented thin stripes visually make the legs more slender and great, and a cross pattern on the other mitt - be fat, however it is recommended to choose those who want to hide excessive thinness.Strips, placed obliquely, may visually spoil a anatomy of a feet, so that this shape may only afford a woman with impeccable forms.Very interesting new trend - tights or leggings faithfully replicate the flower or prints a dress or suit. If such an accessory is a organic and organic extension of clothing. And if you choose tights with a series of "chameleon", that will be able to divert attention away with the foot, turning it into a costume.  Resembling posts:Vogue Hits of a summer periodStyle Source style: JacketsVogue Styles summer sundresses. . Читать полностью -->

Mode knitted scarves winter 2012-2013

ModeGrandma's knittingWarm and long woolen scarves It is possible to safely buy for a coldness. Mandatory condition - the presence of a long fringe. Actual colors - pearl gray, chocolate brownness, colored blue, milky white.These included is a knitted cap with flap. How an version - use a scarf at a same time how a headdress.GrayAll shades of gray are rampant on a runways. Pick out a one you similar and buy their own personal gray scarf: blue-gray or gray-brown, gray-white or darkness gray.Most of a gray scarves - plain, but there are patterns, so well however a cell.A bright notePink, yellow, blue, red, fuchsia - fashionable colors for those who are looking for this winter time, bright accents. Fashionable design - a cell and strip, little and large. Читать полностью -->

Patrizia Pepe 2011 - gerls's vogue for the magnetically and successful

ModeSome would argue that the best designers of the vogue world - a Italians. Let me present you another beautiful Italian luxury mark of youth clothes - Patrizia Pepe.In 1993, Claudio and Patricia Orr Bambi make a new brand of youth clothes. The chief idea of?? the new youth mark was read something similar this: "A luxury property at an affordable price." As a years passed, the capacity of garments manufactured under a brand name Patricia Pepe, was always on top, and gradually to these heights began to catch up and prices for brand stylists created masterpieces. However, this did not prevent a popularity of the brand among the successful moldodezhi. Since 2005, along with a line of fashionable women's clothing, shoes and ornamentals, Patricia Pepe launches 1st men's collection. More recently, a collection of brands increased by one new line, currently you and I may try and assess a grade of a underwear with a label Patrizia Pepe.Currently, the youth brand Patrizia Pepe - a synonym for a perfect fashion! The clothes of this brand ever views dignified, sits perfectly and has unmatched quality. Читать полностью -->

Shortened pants source 2013

StyleEncircling the ankle-length pants - a nice opportunity to show graceful figure. Slender girl would benefit from such a slit. Perfect partners truncated models - loafers and pumps. As, if you must to show off in high heels - you, too, are in perfect harmony with a truncated models, but rather, it is an evening variant.A optimal length of source fashion trousers - it's a 7/32. A most chic models decorated with rhinestones, studs, embroidery and other items.  Same articles:Style Styles of designer clothing summer periodMode Vogue trends Autumn-Winter period 2013-2013: a chief fashion of top women's garmentsVogue Gallery of fashion swimwear. . Читать полностью -->

VogueStrongly pants are yet valid, although a finish time you pushed strongly enough wide model. They may be a great alternative for those who are not very fond of slacks. This time, the pants can be however narrow and thin that views more same tights. How, if the legs are not perfect, it is best to take a larger model. Tightly pants more much adhesive qualities foot tapping with all the flaws.  Similar posts:Style Autumn fashion and gerls's bootsFashion Short necklace of great beadsFashion Summer evening, music. . Читать полностью -->

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