Quiet shades of evening dresses

FashionPastel colors - for those who like to attract a efforts of not flower, and noble fashion. Not every woman loves a expressiveness - a lot of happy romantic clothes in evening wear pastel shades. These outfits are often complex multilayer skirt, giving stylishness and festivity.  Resembling articles:Vogue Summer tops, blouses and skirts vacation seasonVogue New directions for autumn vogue for magneticallyFashion Women's hats. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lifestyle Military

FashionClothing in military style reigns on a runways for several seasons. This winter, you want pay attention to a military jackets - they are peculiar characteristic slit and bloom, and a presence of decorative shiny buttons, flaps, pockets, epaulettes. If you want to flaunt this winter season military jacket, pick a model appropriate colors - the most pop are gray, green, khaki, dark and olive color.In military style unacceptable formlessness: this jacket is always clear and strict slit, by which a figure is however athletic and toned in a military. A perfect supplement to such a model would be a belt.  Resembling posts:Mode Cap-mushroomsFashion Leather belts, handbags, sunglasses, colored braceletsVogue Autumn Fashion: Ladies hat. . . Читать полностью -->

Source 2011 Vogue Nails: Nail polish spring of 2012. Fashionable anatomy and length of a nail polish blossom. Drawings and sculpture on the nails. French manicure and creative

FashionNail polish may either throw in an image, or even ruin it. So, manicure ever paid much attention. To look really fashionable, it is serious to know so great a nails should be, and what shades of lacquer are the most pop in this period.  Alike articles:Style Cap-mushroomsStyle Knitted hats with wide border-bandVogue Spring graduation party: the ideas of clothes. . . . Читать полностью -->


VogueFavorites of a time - long evening dresses, straight or narrowed mini skirt. Variant - shift clothes with a wide belt length to the knee.How for a mini - this length a spring of 2012 is less relevant, but still acceptable. Be careful to not be accused of lack of taste, take a deep-best key super mini slit. But a bloom itself can not be limited to: the brightest shades are permissible.Just a few fashion trends:Dress to the wood floor, covering a chest and shoulders, but as opening a back, with a fluffy great skirt;One of a momentous items of the decor - embroidery, in a careful favor - floral models, embroidered by mitt;One of the surprises of a season - dresses, crinolines, you again come into mode, allowing you to feel similar a queen;Very relevant in the spring evening clothing, puts a accent on a chest and waist: all kinds of style bustiers, corsets and fast-fitting tops;Still relevant asymmetry: it concerns the cuts, slit-outs and hem line;At the peak of relevance - transparent fabrics and substances: mesh, delicate lace, woven and knitted fabric.   Resembling posts:Vogue Jewelry for the New Year together in 2013Vogue Fashion Figgery, "africa", and reptile facial skinFashion Fashion Sunglasses. . . Читать полностью -->

Versatile and practical bags: style handbags Source 2012

FashionWith the past to the new time pass is as well versatile and practical bag. That great bags are convenient its spaciousness. However, it is momentous to remember that it is currently a very big and more little bag will not enjoy lovely popularity. It is good to prefer a bag of medium sizing. In this bag you can carry anything you need and keep it in a hands comfortably. Very well, if the bag is a large number of inside compartments and pockets, this will create it more practical.In any collections were seen lacquered bags, but this is not a main tendency of source 2013. Читать полностью -->

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